"Know the way, go the way, show the way."-John C. Maxwell

Important Dates

  • Online Registration is from November 7th 2015 - November 15 2015
  • Applications are to be submitted to Windermere Secondary School by December 17th 2015
  • Grade 7 Leadership assessment is on February 12th at Windermere Secondary School (3:30 PM - 6:00 PM)
  • First Offers are sent on February 23; Second Offers are sent on March 1

What is Leadership?

Leadership is a five-year mini school program situated within Windermere Secondary School. The program provides the opportunity for students to work together in a cohort of active, community-minded individuals in grades 8 through 12. In addition, the program strongly emphasizes the importance of social responsibility, environmental stewardship and volunteer involvement. Throughout the program, students develop strong leadership skills and gain experiences from a variety of community and outdoor activities.

The Program

Grade 8 is the first year where the newly enrolled Leadership students interact with one another and get to know each other better. In Grade 8, it is the year where students will experience obstacles that will strengthen the bond of group, develop a sense of comfort around the group, learn leader-like traits, and develop teamwork.

Grade 8


- Grade 8 Camp
- Recycling
- Rock Climbing
- Hiking
- Eagle Viewing
- Gardening

Grade 9


- Grade 9 Camp
- Composting
- Eagle Viewing
- Hiking

Grade 9 is the year where the bond built in Grade 8 is strengthen even further through camps, field trips, etc. The skills learned in the previous skills is further enhanced in this  year.

In Grade 10, the skills students learned in the previous years are put into use. The students are evaluated as they use their skills to teach elementary students how to play sports. Through these activities, students develop and gain experience in becoming a better leader.

Grade 10


- Grade 10 Camp
- FastBreak
- Bike training
- Eagle Viewing
- Hiking

Grade 11


- Grade 11 Camp
- Leadership 11 Project
- Student Led Conference:   Climate Change Conference
- Student Led Earth Day Parade
- Eagle Viewing
- Rock Climbing
- Hiking

Grade 11 is the year where students apply their skills and knowledge and take on a smallproject that creates a positive impact in the community. In Leadership 11, the class, as a whole, also leads the annual Climate Change Conference and Earth Day Parade.

Leadership 12 is the last year of the program. In this year, the responsibility of each students increases as each individual will put everything they've learned in the previous years, into action. Leadership 12 students are to develop or take on a long-term project that will have a positive impact on the community and work on it on their own time. Each of the students' projects can be found in the "Activities" section of this site.

Grade 12


- Grade 12 Camp
- Self-directedLeadership 12 Project


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at: wind.leadership@gmail.com