Grade 12 Projects

The grade 12 leadership students all have a project to work on that involves students throughout the school. Here are a few of the projects that occur.


The recycling program provides students the opportunity to develop communication and teamwork skills, which are vital traits for a leader. Grade 11/12 Leadership students are able to lead this program for the grade 8 Leadership students and the Life Skills Class.  The students get their hands dirty: collecting the recycling bins, sorting the recyclables and cleaning the recycling bins. This helps advocate for a greener school as we reduce the amount of waste that end up in the landfills. Youth take action on promoting environmental stewardship and social activism.

- Agnes Tan and Marcus Tsang

Kids 4 Climate Action

Kids for Climate Action is a Vancouver-based non-profit youth organization advocating stronger political action on climate change. Our campaigns included the 2015 Federal Election Campaign and Coal Exports.

With members all across the district, our mandate is to unite, educate and engage high school students, and to remind our political leaders of their obligation to take action on climate change.

As a youth organization, we are always looking to expand and we welcome highschool students from all grades to join!

Night Nets

Night Nets is an intermerial volleyball program were all grades and teachers are welcome. Because of the wide spread of skill, technique, and age, every participant is able to improve their volleyball as well as benefit others with their own.
The program is held at Windermere Secondary school in the gym. It is planned and organized by Yanalyn Valdez and Eva Ha, both in grade twelve and have been active with volleyball for quite some time. They were both on their school volleyball team for high school years, including this years present senior girls volleyball team. They both also have experience in club volleyball!!

- Yanalyn Valdez

Windermere Bike Society

Windermere Bike Society is a senior student led project which focuses on providing by-donation bicycle mechanical services for the community, as well as providing at-risk individuals accessibility to a bicycle through our "Bikes For All" project. Mechanical service is provided at our HQ in a long, steel shipping container located on school grounds off the block of Lillooet st. and 27th Avenue. Unlike some conventional bike shops, we offer the choice of doing the work for our clients, or we can teach them the hands-on skills to fix their bikes. Every Wednesday, Windermere Bike Society hosts an afterschool program to teach a group of students how to fix a bike, diagnose problems, and completely rebuild a bike. All funds earned by Windermere Bike Society are used towards improving the progress of the program, whether it be buying tools or building bikes for our "Bikes For All" project.

- Douglas Lee


Initia Projects is the "middleman" of youth ideas and youth engagement. Youth with community improving ideas can submit their ideas to Initia Projects. Once the idea is taken on, Initia provides resources and mentors to enable the success of youth ideas. Learn more at

- Nathan Yip

Peer Educators

The Peer Education Program sheds light on issues relevant to youth and the Renfrew-Collingwood community. This program engages participants by exploring various topics such as Substance Abuse, Healthy Relationships, and Depression. Teens in grade 6 and 7 will work with high school facilitators and adult mentors to develop presentations to showcase to their elementary school peers at the end of the program.

- Nathan Yip

Can Skate

CanSkate is a learn to skate program for anyone from 3 years old to adults. In this program, kids and adults are taught how to skate in a way to direct them towards pursuing hockey, figure skating, ringette and even speed skating. There are two classes a week: Wednesday from 3:30- 4:30 and Saturday mornings from 9:00- 10:00. This project is to get kids and adults out there finding what they love to do! 

- Haley Adams

First Responders

The First Responders team at Windermere is a team of grade 11's and 12's who are certified in First Responder, CPR Level HCP, and AED. They respond to injuries that occur throughout the school day. These students respond to injuries and treat the injuries to their best of abilities. Aside from using their first aid skills at school, they also attend events outside of school as first aid attendants to ensure the safety of the public. Throughout the school year, refreshers are held to make sure everyone knows what to do in case of emergencies, and to practice their hand on skills. We register interested students to complete the Standard First Aid course in the midyear of grade 10; at the end of grade 10, they are registered for the completion of First Responder.

- Mabel Huang

Windermere Community Programs and Fastbreak

I'm Rianne the Fastbreak Programmer for Windermere Community Programs. My role is to run and regulate the Fastbreak programs that are held at elementary schools in the Renfrew-Collingwood area and run by Leadership 10 students. The Fastbreak program is an active sports programs for our feeder schools. 

- Rianne Mac

Leadership Mixers

Every month there are different events for all of the leadership students in hopes to bring us closer together. Events will vary from month to month. Creating bonds with fellow leadership students and removing age/grade gaps allows us to become more cohesive and presents easier opportunities for mentorship. Our October event was a Halloween movie night and November's will be games night.

- Danielle Leung

Ratanak Club

The Ratanak International Club is run by senior students who want to make a difference in this world. They hold bi-weekly club meetings to create awareness of what this organization does to the student body. This organization helps restore Cambodia after the tragic Khmer Rouge event, and essentially brings hope to the local citizens. Through new medical services, and rebuilding schools, we are constantly taking steps to reach our goal: To see schools filled with smiling children, as well as, fundraising enough money for emergency aid. As a new club, we are providing opportunities for the younger grades to be a part of this amazing team. With the whole year ahead of us, we are excited to show the school what we can do! 

- Shanisha Pillay

Windermere Word

As the official newspaper of Windermere Secondary, The Windermere Word has a vision of raising awareness of global and local issues outside the school. To create an issue every month, our team, consisting of editors, layout designers, featured writers and web manager, has to work corporately. We hope students and staff outside leadership program will receive new points of views of current issues by reading and submitting articles to Windermere Word.

- Bika Wu

Student Council President

My grade 12 project is being the Windermere's Student Council President. My role is to lead weekly meetings, organize school wide events, and provide support for the students in the school. My goal before the end of school year is to bring the student body closer together and create fun and lasting memories for the student body as well and future student council members. I wanted to be President so I can improve my skills as a leader and to gain new experiences.

- Delaney Northgraves

First Nations Club

The First Nations club at Windermere is open to anyone who is interested regardless of their ethnicity. We are working on creating the sacred room and painting murals of traditional First Nations art that the students make themselves. The students (and teachers) that come will learn how to make First Nations art. There are also some field trips that will help educate the students that go to them about the First Nations culture. There will also be some guests who come in to tell stories and talk about some aspects of the culture. 

- Amber Moon

Great Climate Race 2015

As time rolls on, our Leadership students ran a 10 k run to raise money and engage in youth empowerment.

"We conquered the Great Climate Race woo hoo LDP !!"

         - Grade 11 Leadership Student

Climate Change Conference 2015

Date: November 28 2014
Theme: What Are You Willing to Lose?

Windermere Secondary School is hosting our 7th annual Climate Change Conference! It will be a district-wide event for everyone in the community.  This year the theme will be What Are You Willing to Lose?. This for-youth, by-youth event will be for one day on Friday, November 27th. Students will be educated and engaged on topics of climate change and social justice. It will be a district-wide event to connect secondary school students from across the lower mainland who are passionate about making a difference in their schools, and building just and sustainable communities.  Visit for more information on workshops and register today!

2015 -As a reward for taking on environmental initiatives, Windermere Leadership students were runner ups in the JackLayton Learning for a Sustainable Future Award.

Earth Day Parade

 Date: April 26 2015

 The Earth Day Celebration was inspired by the Quebec's Earth Day Celebration. This event which usually occurs during Earth week, allows the community to come together and one and enjoy a day full of festive activities related to Mother Earth and to learn more about the environment.

Climate Change Conference 2014

Date: November 28 2014
Theme: Fracking
The Climate Change Conference (C3) is an annual event that is held by Windermere's Leadership 11 students. C3 consists of many workshops, focusing on a main theme that could range from fracking to ocean acidification.